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Hybrid Workflow

Creative usage of various printing methods ensures efficient production of high-quality printed materials. We have been successful in meeting a wide variety of customer's needs by offering on-demand printing for small quantity and offset printing for mass production.


The parallel use of on-demand and offset printing makes it possible to produce high-valued added products.
  • After offset printing, additional variable presses, such addresses, numbering, or individual messages, can be added. (Variable Printing)
  • Copies of the same contents body of brochures can be printed by offset while different cover jackets can be made through on-demand printing.
  • On-demand printing for urgent samples and offset printing for the main production.
  • The small number of deficient copies can be supplied by on-demand printing.


prepress press postpress
prepress press postpress
  • Agfa Image Setter
  • Agfa CTP Plate Setter
  • DTP Mac & OKI Microline Printer
  • Scanner
  • Windows Native DTP System
  • Epson DDCP Printer
  • Computerized Typesetter
  • Heidelberg Offset
  • A3 Four-Color Offset
  • Various kinds of Sheet-Fed Offset Machines
  • B/W Print On-Demand System
  • Image Controller for Color Management System
  • Press Cut-Off Machines
  • Paper Folding Machines
  • Collating Machines
  • Saddle-Stitching Machines
  • Adhesive Binding Machines
  • Various Binding Machines